Things to Know Before Buying a Graphics Card

Buying graphics card is not that straightforward to start with. You should consider so many things first before you can arrive at the perfect GPU to buy.

So, what are the things to consider when buying a graphics card. Whether if you are buying a new graphics card for a new computer rig or you are buying for an existing system unit you have already.

Performance is money.              

This is the sad truth of GPUs if you really want a top performance card, you will have to pay also top dollar for it. The highest performing card is very expensive. You can easily pay up to one thousand dollars on a high-end graphics card.

But you do not need to pay that much for a great performance. It has been pointed out by official GCA blog that you don’t need to pay more than $500 for a graphics card. Beyond that threshold it’s not advisable anymore

Decide first before buying.

There are so many graphics card out there and it easy to get caught up in the model, processor cores, and other statistics. These things are not actually useful to know about for most people. What is important for instance is on what game are you using it. Like if you want to play Fortnite for it then look at the graphic requirements of the game. You should consider also the how much you are willing to spend, and you might adjust your budget.

RAM is important.

You can ignore other statistics but not this one. It is one of the most important categories to take into consideration. This is how much memory a graphic card contains. Of course, the more RAM you have the more powerful it gets, therefore a better graphics card you will get.

Before DDR3 was the standard but now we have GDDR5 and I am sure more will come as we go along. T know more about memory and GPU comparisons like GTX 980 Ti Versus GTX 1060, you can visit the GCA blog.